Panevėžys, Lithuania, hosts an exhibition from the Rothko Centre collection

As a sign of continued international communication in the arts field, from 4 November 2022 until the end of the year the town council of Panevėžys, Lithuania, will host a painting exhibition from the Rothko Centre collection.

Conceptually, the latest exhibition from the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre collection, Walls: From Minimalism to Detail, explores intricate spatial formations and minimalist colour play in the painting medium.

Artist reflections on the space-time relationship and the complex ways humans conceptualise, experience and inhabit physical space are materialised in real and abstract architectural forms and structures, details of actual buildings, mental barriers and psychological safety walls. Some artists focus on historical and degraded territories where the walls of abandoned buildings hold layers of public and intimate stories from times gone by. Others look within, diving into their inner world of emotions and feelings, and experiment with myriad textures and hues coming together to give the viewer a deeply stirring visual experience.

Above that, all the exhibits have one more key thing in common: Mark Rothko’s name and his distinct creative style. All featured artists have a strong connection with the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre as participants of its international painting symposium programme. Each in their own way, they have all drawn from the well of Rothko’s creative genius. Some paintings echo his earlier dimensional experiments. Others reference the unmistakable colour field relationship of Rothko’s classical period output, where colour and structure are one: shapes are born exclusively of colour, and their translucency evokes a profoundly layered depth that adds to the vertical architecture of the iconic composition.

Featured artists: Ingrīda Ivane, Ieva Rupenheite, Ludmila Procenko, Māris Upzars (Latvia), Nika Grzymska (Poland), Petra Heitkötter (Germany), Lars Strandh, Erling Stuart Rohde (Norway), Chongyin Yuan (China), Dustyn Bork (USA).

The exhibition has been produced within the “Daugavpils Is Art” project in cooperation with A Gallery in Panevėžys and the Panevėžys town council.

Publicity photo: Chongyin Yuan, China. URBAN COLOURS 23. Acrylic on canvas. 2019, 120 x 100