Sanita Ābelīte exhibition “ÉTUDES”

On 22 April at 6 p.m. at the 4METRES Gallery in the courtyard of the Contemporary Ceramics Center of Latvia will open an exhibition “ÉTUDES” by artist Sanita Ābelīte.

Sanita Ābelīte was born in Kuldīga in 1978. A 2004 graduate from the Liepāja Secondary School for Applied Arts, she gained a master’s degree in arts from the Ceramics Department of the Art Academy of Latvia in 2010. Her lively creative record, ongoing since 2006, includes several solo exhibitions and participation in multiple symposiums, residencies, and group shows throughout Latvia as well as in Denmark, Belarus, Italy, Northern Cyprus, China and elsewhere. Asked to comment on her creative work, Ābelīte explains:

“I opened my studio and began independent creative work, having purchased a kiln the year after I graduated from the academy. It was a conscious choice, a turning point if you like. My studio is where I can work without being bothered. It has all the necessary conditions and circumstances for artistic creation. All the while, I keep learning new things about the material and myself. It’s an ongoing process, which makes it all the more interesting. I am fascinated by the many ways of burning ceramic objects and the wealth of materials found in ceramics. I find inspiration in nature, travelling and new acquaintances.”

The exhibition features small and large-scale object studies in clay. Studies or études are small exercises or training projects to explore materials and techniques. They enable the artist to spin striking visual stories in porcelain and clay.

The exhibition will be on display until 4 June 2023.