Exhibition from the Rothko Centre’s textile art collection available in Balvi

Between 1 October and 30 November 2020, the exhibition hall of Balvi Art School (2 Teātra Street) receives TEXT-isle – a collected exhibition from the textile art collection of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.

Essentially, a text is more than just a logical sum of letters coherently arranged into words and sentences. Whatever its means of expression, a text always carries a symbolic message. In a similar way, one can read art by delving into the individual combinations of colour, symbolism and compositional solutions deployed by its creator.

The TEXT-isle exhibition was assembled from the collection of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre in order to tell a story of variety in textile art by displaying the broad range of possibilities and interpretations found in contemporary textile practices. The exhibited textiles are the outputs of the centre’s fortnight-long international textile art symposia that have enabled multiple artists to seek and find inspiration and outlets for creativity in Mark Rothko’s hometown. Several pieces contain visual references to the fortress, evincing each artist’s individual and aesthetic take on the special atmosphere of its historical architecture and local landscape.

Featured artists: Inga Šaučiūniene (Lithuania), Jolanta Savvina, Pēteris Sidars, Ksenia Shinkovskaya, Ruta Bogustova, Dace Pudāne, Ilona Linarte-Ruža (Latvia), Samantha Fields (USA), Sauro Manetti (Italy), Yu Von Lima (South Korea), Moumita Das (India).

Through the TEXT-isle exhibition project, Balvi Art School and Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre commit to a long-term cooperation with plans for further exhibition projects and educational visits to the centre.

Publicity photo: Yu Von Lima “The Wind Does Not Hang in the Net II”, mixed materials on faded denim, patchwork, 2018, 30 x 40 cm