“I have always been interested in secrets of perception of art and annoyed by public intolerance and incomprehension. Therefore in my teaching career where I teach composition at RTU Faculty of Architecture (5 years) as well as in my studies of psychology and development coaching (6 years) I have been looking for ways to simply and respectfully extend mindfulness and awareness, in this case – art awareness.” (Z. Putrāma).

Works of the artist Zaiga Putrāma compositionally, colour-wise and in terms of colour intensity design situations where two objects are equal, but each one is powerful in its own way. Particular attention is paid to the place of conjunction of circles, thus speaking of the meeting of “suns”.

Zaiga agrees with the view of French cultural experts Nicolas Bourriaud on contemporary art, which, in her view, consistent with the artist’s own message delivered through the works displayed at the exhibition as well as her creative way of thinking:

“In contemporary art, there are displayed such forms as meetings, games and others that focus on creation and diversification of human togetherness. Art of relationship frames within an artwork an environment where people can meet and work together creatively, distancing themselves from adaptation of everyday life and consumer attitudes towards the environment. “(Nicolas Bourriaud,”The Radicants”, 2009).

The artist with her exhibition and communication classes wants to share her experience of the last years and understanding, as well as to provide ideas and support to their contemporaries, expressing modern and diversified knowledge-based view of the world and to make a significant contribution to public art education and “creation and diversification of human togetherness.”

Despite the fact that the idea of the exhibition and the works have surfaced over a long period of time, the message and communication through the work done and to be carried out is essential for today’s viewer.

Māris Čačka