XII International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium

The Latgale Graphic Art Symposium, organised in an artist residency format, is a unique phenomenon in the country’s art scene, physically and figuratively grounded in a particular geographical region of Latvia and known for its broad international outreach.

Twelve years into existence, the symposium has established itself as a solid and widely renowned international platform for graphic artists worldwide who come to exchange experiences and grow their repertoire of techniques and approaches in informal talks and practical sessions in the hands-on studio context.

In 2024, the symposium jury selected ten artists from six countries for the symposium team, which includes Magda Szplit (Poland), Henryk Krolikowski (Poland), Peili Huang (Taiwan), Vitalia Samuilova (France), Lorenzo Natali (Italy), Edvin Dragičević (Croatia), Kadri Toom (Estonia), Pascal Pignon Jaf (France), Anna Kłos (Poland), and Oksana Vronska (Latvia).

The participants contribute to the symposium by producing original artworks that demonstrate their distinct creative styles and preferred graphic techniques. The resulting exhibition explores the motifs of time, space and the human experience in a rich collective display. Most participants have used a range of intaglio techniques like etching, aquatint, mezzotint, linocut, and dry point engraving, although the exhibition also shows letterpress artworks in collagraphy and monotype.

At the end of the exhibition period, the exhibits will be added to the Rothko Museum’s growing collection, joining over a hundred other artworks from the graphic symposium output.

The 12th International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium was held in the Rothko Museum’s residency framework in cooperation with the SIVIA association, with both institutions maintaining an unbroken partnership model since 2013.

Exhibition period: 22 March 2024 – 12 May 2024