Andres Adamson (Estonia)

“Water – the mystical primordial environment from which we all, all life on Earth, originated. Going back to the water is an important part of many people’s recovery rituals, holidays, joys and entertainments. In the water, we seem to lose a lot of our weight – the pressure of gravity on the body is reduced, and the water holds us.

Having said that, water is also dangerous since we are no longer full-time water creatures. But many of us are adapting to this urge to be weightless. We learn to overcome the danger of the sea. We learn to glide on the waves and dive into the depths. The ocean, the sea, water in general are metaphors for the mind. Sinking into the depths, everything becomes silent. The depths of our minds are silent. To achieve peace of mind, one must shift one’s focus deeper than the stormy waves of thoughts and feelings. This happens in deep meditation. In these images, I have tried to express the human desire for peace, lightness and tranquillity.” /Andres Adamson/

Estonian photographer, illustrator and graphic designer Andres Adamson (b. 1963) attended Tallinn University (then TPedI), graduating as an art teacher. From 2001 onwards, his photographs have been displayed at several exhibitions in Pärnu, Tallinn (Estonia), Rīga, Jelgava (Latvia), Šiauliai (Lithuania) and Minsk (Belarus). The artist has received several awards in Estonia. His works have been commissioned by Estonian publications, media and companies and are held in private collections in Estonia, Italy, Germany, United States, Russia, Sweden and Finland. At present, Adamson teaches photography and graphic design to adult learners and children at the German Technological School of Pärnu and the Pärnu School of Arts, respectively.

Exhibition period: 28 January – 10 April 2022