Sigita Daugule, Jānis Liepiņš IN ONE ROOM

The exhibition has brought together Sigita Daugule and Jānis Liepiņš – two artists representing two different environments, people and time placing them both in one room. This is the first time when previously created while not exhibited, as well as new works by Sigita Daugule will be displayed alongside works by painter Jānis Liepiņš from private collections of the artist’s heirs, Guntis Belēvičs and the Zuzāns collections, as well as from the collection of Latvian National Museum of Art.

The exhibition is a story of direct and indirect encounter of two different, brilliant styles of painting, drawing parallels and allowing the viewer to identify differences of what was topical in the past and what is topical today, to see the similarities and the precisely repetitive in the history.

Such a concept of the exhibition was set by the fact that the painter Sigita Daugule had done a great research on personality and creative ways of Jānis Liepiņš putting it all in a book. While reading it and looking at works of the two authors placed in the same room, we also see those facets that unite their creative work. What unites them is unpretentiousness and freedom in painting, as well as non-compliance to what is existing in the present and considered as stylish in art.

Sigita Daugule is one of the most recognizable contemporary painters in Latvia, who, with her “harsh and slightly rough” style of painting, depth and narrative has taken her place in Latvian and foreign space of art. She has held several solo exhibitions and participated in major exhibition projects in Latvia and abroad.

A painter Jānis Liepiņš has been described by his contemporaries as an outstanding personality, a principled and fair person, honest in his painting. He created great pub and market scenes, depicting the daily life of peasants through tonally rich and expressive brushstrokes in landscapes and still life compositions.

The exhibition is a journey in reality, in a bald, slightly harsh and true portrayal of life situations, which are self-evident to society in its everyday life, therefore often unnoticed or perceived disparagingly, but in compositions created by the artists they stand out due to a different view and different level of precision.

Each artist, in some way, marches to the beat of their own drums, but now their works has met in Daugavpils.

Māris Čačka