Marc Renard (Belgium)

Recipient of Evenepoel Price Award (1984) and SPES Fondation Award (1995), Marc Renard lives and works in Brussels.

After having been exhibited in Belgium by several galleries or museums, including the Museum of Ixelles, the Veranneman Foundation, Bernard Cats Gallery, Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Le Triangle Bleu Gallery, since 2015, he is represented by the Marc Minjauw Gallery in Brussels (Belgium).

Marc Renard also participated in numerous international fairs and exhibitions in Beijing (China), London (UK), Aachen (Denmark), Wiesbaden (Denmark), Montreal (Canada) and Luxembourg (Great Duchy of Luxemburg).

His works can be found in many public and private collections: Ixelles Museum, Cluysenaar Foundation, Veranneman Foundation, Ministry of the French Community, AXA Group, University of Antwerp, Province of Brabant, etc.

Marc Renard has started on a completely new trajectory in his career as an artist.

By painting on the front and back of his semi-transparent canvasses made of synthetic polyester, Marc Renard creates spatio-temporal windows that plunge us into contrasting spaces. He creates an exciting sense of “contemporary voyeurism”.

His lyrical picturesque gestures, sometimes scraped either with a brush or compressor, maintain a masterful dialogue with the geometric spaces made up of tense and energetic lines, straight and curved.

His composition is a “chromatic translation” in an ensemble of geometric layers consisting of screentones and transparencies punctuated by tonic accentuations.

These vibrant, metallic or fluorescent surfaces, which interact by exploding into one another, create an intentionally orchestrated and powerful “whole”.

Marc Renard’s painting should be seen as the unveiling of the painter’s movements in the digital era. Linear and nervous movements, mechanically scraped on opalescent surfaces, concealed, then uncovered by adhesive strips, compose the painting with a halting tempo of formidable efficiency. Each movement then comes with its negative and is even contaminated by it.

Sometimes his canvas is stretched on an aluminium frame, sometimes he hangs it directly on the wall.

The artist has had 18 solo exhibitions and participated in multiple group exhibitions in Belgium and beyond.

The exhibition at the Rothko Centre is organized in cooperation with MM Gallery (Brussels, Belgium).

Marc Minjauw