Eduards Kapša (Latvia)

Movement is defined as a change of bodily position in space with respect to its other elements. Fundamentally, movement is life. Movement is rhythm. And movement is action.

Each movement has a start and an endpoint. It’s a process we direct with conscious effort or one that guides us through instinct.

Movement means self-expression. It’s a form of language. A path you travel…

Movement is an art form we dream through an act of self-realisation. It’s the cradle of joy and the magical thrill of engagement.

A distinct form of movement is ballet – an artistic dance performed to music where dancers resemble crocuses and magnolias that spring into bloom in a synched and airy choreography against a corps of flowering lilies and spiralling ivy fronds.

Movement and ballet – these words suggest dreamy associations with a perfect symbiosis of space, colour and form. Delicate grace and incredible grit.

Such reflections on movement in general and ballet in particular inspire artists to seek new forms of creative expression in various visual mediums, including photography.

Photographer Eduards Kapša is a true master of motion photography, blessed with a keen and perceptive eye and a generous heart that gladly shares the frozen moments with the viewers. To quote the artist: “I photograph creators, and I work on an equal footing with my models, aiming for freedom of expression and giving them space to really build a character and step into its shoes. When my model works in front of a camera, does all the jumps and exercises and forgets the photographer is even there… Now that is my moment because that’s when the person is true and unaffected. Motion photography is also an intricate technical process. The model can’t simply fake it or strike a pose just for the camera.”

Eduards Kapša was born in Auce in 1957. Having graduated from the local secondary school, he pursued further training at the Ogre Technical College. In 1978, he took an apprenticeship in photography at the Jelgava centre for public services. In 1991, he started a co-op company, “Jelgavas foto”, making it a registered Ltd. in 1994. He’s been a fine art photographer since 2012.

His greatest professional success so far was winning gold at the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2021 in Austria.  The very same year, he earned the EFIAP excellence distinction from FIAP – Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique. In 2020, the federation awarded him the AFIAP distinction for his successful exhibition record on domestic and international grounds. From 2018 onwards, he has consistently earned other honours in major photography competitions, such as the Fine Art Photography Awards, London and the Monochrome Photography Awards, USA.

Between 2019 and 2021, he has won medals and awards at photography competitions under FIAP patronage worldwide – in Poland, Spain, Portugal, Nepal, Ukraine, Guatemala, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, France, USA, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Germany, Georgia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Norway, Romania and Russia.

Exhibition period: 8 – 24 July 2022