Harald Jegodzienski (Latvia)

How does it feel (..)

like a complete unknown

like a rolling stone?”

Bob Dylan


If I wanted to draw a head and present its true outline, I could only depict the outer form. My personal impulse would make its presence immediately felt, clearing the measured lines and streaks or filling them with emotion, which would mean fundamental alterations to the original subject.

Only the deeper levels beyond the outer form reach the planes of our true being.

What good is our wish to materialise it, and why should we even try?

In this case, the hidden treasures of the immaterial world come to the surface, and one must let them develop into peculiar “cloud paintings”. I mean, matter is shown here as seemingly and provisionally unchanged, but its impulses can be transmitted to the viewer as ever new changes.

A lively engagement of the viewer is preferable because it enables tracing the dynamic impulses of my sculptural work.” 

Harald Jegodzienski

Artist Harald Jegodzienski was born in Kassel, Germany. 1973 through 1979, he studied art pedagogy at Kassel University and later graduated with double qualifications in fine arts and ceramics (1985). 1988 through 1991, Jegodzienski taught at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany. In 1991, he was admitted into the Association of German Artists. In 1997, professional cooperation between Jegodzienski and Latvian artist Valda Podkalne led them into matrimony. In 2003, he joined the Latvian Artists Union. The artist has been based in Latvia since 2007.

Jegodzienski has continuously developed his creative talents in painting, sculpture, photography and poetry. His creative record extends to more than 20 solo shows and numerous group exhibitions in Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Great Britain, New Zealand, etc. He has also participated in numerous ceramics and sculpture symposia in Austria, Hungary, Latvia, Denmark, Israel, the USA, Poland and Germany.

In 1985, the artist earned the Grand Prix in ceramic sculpture at the German Ceramics juried exhibition to be followed in 1993 by the Grand Prix at an international ceramics symposium in Israel. In 1989, Jagodzienski founded the Liberal Arts Academy of Giessen, where he gave art seminars until 2007. He continues to be actively involved in teaching by conducting art seminars in Germany, Austria and France.

Exhibition period: 22 April – 26 June 2022