Kosmiki Dynami: Art as a Universal Momentum

Pashmin Art Consortia

The unveiling of “Kosmiki Dynami: Art as a Universal Momentum” marks the latest collaboration between the Rothko Museum and Pashmin Art Consortia. This curated collection offers an expansive perspective on the diverse landscape of modern art, showcasing a rich tapestry of artistic expressions that highlight the role of art as a dynamic global entity.

The exhibition promises a comprehensive immersion into the heart of artistic progress, beckoning visitors to embark on a voyage through a myriad of visions and materials. “Kosmiki Dynami: Art as a Universal Momentum” is more than a presentation; it’s an exploration that invites a profound appreciation of art’s limitless horizons and its resonant global pulse.

Within this exhibition, you will find a substantial series of paintings crafted using the mesmerising blowing technique. Employing straws to delicately disperse colours onto canvases, these artworks seamlessly blend intuitive abstractions with elements of neoplasticism. This harmonious fusion of chaos and order is a powerful manifestation of the artist’s journey of self-discovery.

The showcase includes works that explore the harmonious relationship between natural forms and mathematical precision. Intricate carvings inspired by mathematical sequences seamlessly blend natural beauty with calculated design, resulting in creations that are both intricately complex and elegantly simple.

Visitors will also encounter artworks that straddle the boundary between reality and surrealism, often made by employing acrylics to explore themes of desire, reality, and the contemporary world. The bold use of colour encourages reflection and evokes both a sense of urgency and a celebration of the beauty in life.

Representation of Artificial Intelligence in art makes another part of the exhibition. It manifests a profound involvement with the interaction between humanity and technology. The artworks surpass the confines of conventional mediums, addressing the pressing concerns of our era. Through their captivating visual narratives, these pieces prompt us to re-evaluate the changing relationship between humans and machines, fostering introspection about the convergence of technological advancement, ethical considerations, and the essence of human identity.

Upon entering the exhibition space, the viewers will meet interrelated series by an individual hand. It starts with an early focus on abstract art, characterised by vibrant colours and miniature figures. The journey then transitions into a series influenced by Wimmelbuch art, featuring intricate illustrations teeming with hidden elements. Another realm is Pop Art collage, which weaves together various media fragments around central motifs while still maintaining a whimsically bright palette.

Another facet of the exhibition seamlessly melds multiple mediums, blending elements such as painting and photography into harmonious compositions. The inclusion of gold accents not only enhances the aesthetic richness but also adds a layer of social commentary, provoking contemplation on the interplay between artistic practices and societal values.

Dreamlike scenes of surrealism mixed with illustrative realism make another part of the exhibition. They tell captivating stories and provide commentary on the world. By seamlessly weaving surreal components into the fabric of reality, these artworks challenge preconceptions and broaden our perspectives, encouraging us to explore the uncharted realms of imagination. They remind us that in the realm of art, the possibilities are limitless, and what might be is just as profound as what already is.

Another distinct strand of this narrative revolves around the concept of transformation. The artist’s individual approach is marked by ambitious pursuit, a touch of cynicism, and a hint of eccentricity, harnessing these elements not merely as sources of inspiration but as potent motivators for embarking on new creative ventures. At the core of this philosophy lies a profound belief in the eternal quality of every moment we encounter.

Collectively, the exhibition offers a panoramic view of artistic innovation, inviting attendees on a journey through a landscape rich in diverse perspectives and mediums. “Kosmiki Dynami” extends an open invitation to art enthusiasts, encouraging them to traverse and transcend the boundaries of artistic creation, thereby enriching their understanding of the boundless possibilities that art can offer.

Curators: Nour Nouri and Māris Čačka

Co-curators: Dr. Davood Khazaie and Farida Zaletilo


MONA MOLEO: Within the breadth of this collection, visitors will encounter a striking array of paintings brought to life through the fascinating blowing technique. By channelling colours across canvases with breath and straws, Mona Moleo marries spontaneous abstraction with neoplastic precision, embodying the tumultuous yet structured path of introspection.

DANIEL FUCHS: Featured within are pieces that articulate the symphony between nature’s organic contours and the meticulousness of mathematical patterns. Daniel Fuchs crafts sculptures that oscillate between complex intricacies and stark simplicities, a testament to the coexistence of the natural world and human interpretation.

ALEXANDER DIK: The realm between the tangible and the imagined comes alive through Alexander Dik’s works, which harness oil to stretch across themes of longing, tangible existence, and modern-day narratives. His vigorous colour palette prompts a dialogue on life’s immediacy and its inherent beauty.

GERD REHME: A segment of the exhibition is dedicated to art’s intersection with Artificial Intelligence, where Gerd Rehme interrogates the evolving dynamics between humankind and its creations. His works transcend traditional media to question contemporary societal dilemmas, urging a contemplation of our collective future in the face of technological evolution.

RAINER HOFFELNER: Rainer Hoffelner presents a serial exploration through his artistic evolution. From the chromatic vibrancy of abstract beginnings and the detailed chaos of Wimmelbuch-inspired pieces to the cultural pastiche of Pop Art collages, Hoffelner captures the viewer’s gaze with a spectrum of visual storytelling.

LIONEL MACHRIS: Integrating disparate art forms, Lionel Machris fuses painting with photography, punctuating his works with 24-karat gold. This blend not only enriches the visual experience but also delves into the dialogue between art’s role and societal norms.

MARIAN KRETSCHMER: The exhibition continues with Marian Kretschmer’s enchanting fusion of surrealism and illustrative realism. His canvases narrate enthralling tales and reflect on our world, urging a reconsideration of the known and an embrace of the imaginative.

BLONDEMONKEY: The vivid “Pop-Optic-Art” of BLONDEMONKEY stands as a contemporary beacon, merging Pop Art’s mundane snapshots with the deceptive depth of Op Art. The energetic compositions redefine familiar forms and narratives, inviting viewers to engage with the layers beneath the surface of pop culture and optical illusion.

ANDREA DONNER: Bringing a conscientious voice, Swiss artist Andrea Donner infuses her works with earth, ashes, and repurposed textiles, drawing attention to excess consumption and the underappreciated gifts of nature. Her art calls for a holistic and sustainable approach to living, echoing the need for social and environmental awareness.

Exhibition period: 8 December 2023 – 18 February 2024