Mikhas Tsybulsky (03.09.-17.10.2021)

“All our lives are collections of impressions, the fragments of which are forever imprinted in our memory. The chance to rethink them emotionally and revisit them creatively gives me immense pleasure in my role as an artist and increases my love of painting…”

Impressions have always inspired artists as they travelled and captured moments of import in their work later to give it back to the viewers. It is impossible – and needless – to express everything at once. Today, “collecting impressions” is done through photography. And yet, throughout the world, we still have painters who capture their impressions through plein air painting. One of them is Mikhas Tsybulsky – a Vitebsk-based Belarusian artist.

“Impression Fragments” features gouache landscapes, an increasingly rare technique in professional art, as it requires substantial mastery and skill. Tsybulsky’s academically painted landscape studies were made from 1999 onwards in Germany, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine and, naturally, Belarus.

Mikhas Tsybulsky (1961) teaches at the Department of Fine Arts in Vitebsk Masherov State University, holding the rank of Docent. He has dedicated several years of his life to managerial work as Department Head. In 2015, the city of Vitebsk honoured him with the Man of the Year title for his curatorial activity and contribution to publicising the work of the great Vitebsk Art School. Tsybulsky has completed a PhD course at the Institute of Art History, Ethnography and Folklore under Belarus’s National Academy of Sciences and taken an internship spell at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw. His research delves into 20th-century and present-day Belarussian painting through the lens of history and theory of art.

With oil and gouache as his preferred mediums, the artist has participated in countless exhibitions and plein airs across Belarus as well as in Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. In Latvian culture, he is known as a publicist of Latvian art and organiser of exhibitions by Latvian artists across exhibition spaces in Vitebsk. An Honorary Professor at the University of Daugavpils, Tsybulsky has been decorated with the Cross of Recognition, Fourth Class.