The Funen Printmaking Workshop – artist studio in Denmark

The exhibition programme of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre continues to showcase local and international graphic art. Two major exhibitions of Latvian graphic art have been organised so far, and quite recently we were able to observe the stylistic variation of Estonian graphic artists. This time, we present graphic art created in Denmark.

As seen from the title, the artwork comes from a printmakers’ studio located in Denmark. It has around 300 members, including Danish and international artists.

Much like studios in the Baltic States and elsewhere in Europe, The Funen Printmaking Workshop is an independent non-profit organisation operating as an association. Its members can use the equipment in place as they need it – the studio has machines, paint, paper, etc. The artists work with classical printmaking techniques such as etching, woodcut and lithography. More recent techniques are also practiced, such as photoengraving, Xerolithography and collography.

The Funen Printmaking Workshop has its own art shop and gallery. 10 to 12 exhibitions are held here annually, showcasing the work of studio’s members. Training courses, lectures and artist talks are also organised. On a regular basis, the association organises different events, such as nude drawing courses and creative printmaking courses for children.

Ever since its foundation in 1976, the Funen Printmaking Workshop has expanded its field of activity. It has forged strong international ties with studios and workshops abroad by organising training courses, symposia and exchange visits.

Over the years, members of the Funen Printmaking Workshop have exhibited in Ireland, the USA, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany, France, etc. Furthermore, close cooperation has been developed with a number of Danish cultural institutions and museums through different exhibition projects.

The Funen Printmaking Workshop has a vision to be an integral part of Danish art life, especially in printmaking. Its goal is to boost the discipline of printmaking by offering a functionally equipped studio and exhibition space.

Artists affiliated with the studio regard graphic art as truly wonderful and pursue development in this wonderful art on a daily basis. This exhibition will showcase the work of 80 members of the Funen Printmaking Workshop, featuring over 150 printmaking techniques. Thus, they will tell a story of the Danish traditions of graphic art and seek an engaged conversation with Latvian graphic artists and graphic art enthusiasts.