The eighth iteration of the International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium in Daugavpils has brought together eight participants who, in their own individual ways, all continue the rich traditions of past generation of graphic artists. Now the outcomes of two packed weeks of creative work are presented to the public. The graphic art symposium has proved its sustainability and relevance in the global community of graphic art. It can certainly be called a successful and valuable graphic art tradition in Latgale region. The symposium has provided a fertile ground for discussion and creative work in the cultural space of Latgale region by bringing together Latvian and international artists who have similarities and differences in the way they conceptualise and approach graphic art. These conditions have enabled a unique form of dialogue which does not require verbal speech, but rests on transfer and comparison of technical nuances and individual growth.

The symposium allows the artists to talk about the things that matter to them individually, but just like before, it also builds a professional dialogue within the symposium community and a broader international dialogue with graphic art and artists worldwide. This dialogue is important to each individual participant during the symposium, and it will certainly continue to fuel reflection when the artists return home and speak about Latvia and Daugavpils.

The artists are remarkably diverse in their creative use of intaglio and letterpress techniques, allowing a tantalising glimpse into the rich stylistic variations of graphic art.

The symposium programme, which featured presentations and other forms of cultural exchange, afforded multiple opportunities to get to know the artists and their work. Now its creative outputs are presented to the public in an exhibition format.

Participants of the symposium: Aija Bley (Latvia), Maris Popov (Latvia), Živilė Spudytė (Lithuania), Astrid Amadeo Schmid (Switzerland), Sargis Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Bess Frimodig (Sweden), Lauri Koppel (Estonia), Sara Carrillo Cardenas (Poland).