Jose Ortega Y Gasset’s quote: “I am I plus my surroundings; and if I do not preserve the latter, I do not preserve myself”, provides a starting point to my works. For they argue that the ‘surrounding and I’ may co-exist by creating an awareness of the environment. Environment is everything. Society, history, past, life, existence, emotion, soul… These are all the things that make me who I am.

“Confined Dialog” is a reaction to the alterity and alterations, which in the meaning of ‘I and environmental consciousness’ lead to a miscommunication between societies.

‘I’ is a ‘self-being’ that forms a human. It is a notion that is able to feel, sense, touch, and decide about all creations. In the same time, the identity describes the personality. It gives information about an individual’s character. In this context, I(dentity) is the subject. It is the person oneself.

Other people’s decisions on the subject/I(dentity) will marginalize the I(dentity). Therefore ‘I’ will be alienated. Even the very first letter of a sentence made by someone else would be enough to alienate the subject.

In fact we, namely, everybody, are those who create the “Confined Dialog” and the alternates…

The exhibition creates a new awareness of society.

Alienation is a consciousness of living together, however not every consciousness leads us to what is right.


The artist was born in Corum/Turkey in 1984. He graduated from Gazi University,  Faculty of Education, Art and Crafts Teacher Education Department (2007) and earned his Master’s degree from Erciyes University, Institute of Fine Arts, Painting Department (2010). He won four awards in painting competitions. He held six solo exhibitions and participated in more than three hundred national and international mixed exhibitions. His paintings are in several collections in the USA, Spain, Turkey, Ukrain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, and France.

Currently, he works as a lecturer at Usak University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department and continues his PhD studies at Hacettepe University, Institute of Fine Arts, Painting Department.