The exhibition entitled “ Tradition and the Present . Baltic Signs in Textile “ is organized in the context of the project “Different Textile”, which has been held each year by the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Kaunas Department, Textile Section since 2009. The main mission of the project is to spread ideas of textile art in the regions of Lithuania (as well as neighbouring countries) located away from cultural and artistic centres.

The theme of the exhibition actualizes cultural heritage of our nation (as well as the Baltic Sea areas in general). Since the beginning of the world perception visual forms have been moving from one epoch to another. Changing contexts beget different visual semantic contents. The “long-known” has been rediscovered and reborn in significant sacred and eternal things. The old forms and images intertwined with rational and spiritual experience reveal new aspects and create signs of the present time, as well as an image of the culture.

Artworks presented in the exhibition act as semantic patterns of signs indicating cultural heritage of the Baltic States and the spirit of their people. In different modern contexts the stylized ancient Baltic symbols and signs (swastika, cross, circle, etc.) acquire yet another meaning (intertwined with historical, social, political connotations). Encoded images invite visitors of the exhibition to search for unfolding interpretations of the Baltic signs – not only to look at the signs from the modern perspective but also to share stories associated with them.

Participators: Liucija Banaitienė, Danguolė Bečelytė-Čachavičienė, Danguolė Brogienė, Zinaida Irutė Dargienė, Danutė Ona Jonelienė, Virginija Kirvelienė, Liucija Kudžmienė, Rūta Narvydienė, Birutė Sarapienė, Genovaitė Sasnauskienė, Aušra Sedlevičiūtė, Ona Staskevičienė, Danutė Valentaitė.

Head of the project: Birutė Sarapienė

Organizer: Lithuanian Artists’ Association Kaunas Department