In today’s world Photography has become one of the most noticeable quality labels in society – imaging is no longer an exclusive right of a specific trade or craft. Visual communication has achieved equality with the traditional leadership of the Spoken and Written Word. This means that responsibility of the written or spoken word also lies with all producers of visual messages and images.

Over the last century, Photography has clearly both stimulated and supported through technologies a range of expressiveness of the visual art between romantic realism and unique interpretations of imagination or feelings. This experience has become a dynamic set of opportunities for the Photography to expose imaginary peculiarity of any place.

Daugavpils 1st  International Photography Symposium is an intention and a call for all participants to their build visual messages of interactions between themselves and their towns or cities in an attractive and responsible way.

Participants of the symposium are encouraged to discuss the constant and variable components of the unity between the intent and the content in any genre of photography or any group intents and objectives of visual messages. The dynamics of the age trigger the need for an ability to identify shift of the status of image between excellent/unique messages and professionally accurate designs of images. Assessment of quality of the power of an image is no longer a responsibility of the next generation of art professionals. It has become an everyday tool of every creator. We wish you to acquire this “tool” in the art