Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre finally reopens to the public

Starting 5 June, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre resumes receiving individual visitors

For more than six months, the art centre has been waiting for the opportunity to reopen its doors to visitors. During this period, the Rothko Centre team continued to work behind closed doors, redecorating the indoor space and setting up exhibitions in other venues.

Admittedly, there were times during this forced hiatus when things were looking up – public spaces were on the verge of being reopened, and hopes ran high. However, cultural sites continued to be closed and our patience was running thin. Therefore, concerned for the mental health of our staff and the general public, we installed a new art site called the Discharge-Recharge Wall at the Rothko Centre courtyard. The wall will continue to welcome the visitors of Daugavpils Fortress and receive their acts of discharge for the duration of the Latvia Ceramics Biennale, that is – until October 2021.

And now it has finally happened – Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre resumes receiving visitors with Mark Rothko’s originals and a new exhibition from the centre’s art collection in its permanent exhibition space as well as several domestic and international projects in the temporary exhibition sectors.

“Found in the Collection” is, so far, the most ambitious exhibition assembled from the centre’s art collection for display on its own premises. “End&Beginning. Continued” by Ieva Jurjāne has withstood the long break and resumes its interrupted dialogue with the viewers about nature’s cyclic rhythms and endless changeability. “Controlled Flight of Free Thought” by Mārīte Kluša confronts visitors with its tragic yet triumphant message that scars can make us stronger. “Stories from Japan” sums up the latest tendencies in Japanese contemporary printmaking. “One Size” by Lithuanian ceramic artist Eglė Einikytė-Narkevičienė reminds us that people, much like pieces of modelling clay, are subject to transformation through environmental impacts, which can bring new, entirely unexpected twists and turns. Meanwhile, this year’s juried exhibition of artists from the Latgale Region, displayed with the title “Legalised Fantasies”, invites visitors to see, feel and enjoy the realities of the past year made legal through the creative fantasies of 42 artists.

You are welcome to finally put a visit to art and culture sites on your agenda, especially because from now on the centre extends its Sunday opening hours until 7 p.m.

See you soon!