Workshop in photography ORDER AS SOCIAL FORM

Manuel Schroeder (Berlin, Germany) offers 3-day workshop “Order as social form – Leftovers and Landmarks ” for art and photography students from June 3 till June 6, 2015. Workshop will take a part at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center. All participants will get a certificate after the workshop. Participants have to bring in their own photo equipment. Workshop will be in English. Participation is free.

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Short introduction from the Artist about the workshop idea:

Regarding the different appearances of daily life, the main aspect of this lecture/seminar is a visual research on the “landmarks and leftovers”, based on deconstructed (postsoviet) industrial and settlement architecture projects in their subtile and obvious facettes.

(Re-)arranging, creating and composing the urban space is based on individual and public habits, mostly directed by personal needs and intentions. The results are subtile and sustainable modifications of the city architecture and public spaces. This part of the workshop is focusssed on on exploring “public objects” in their own story of function and disfunction.

Order as social form” is a current part of Manuel Schroeders lectures in “social photography”, a field of research he is realizing with universities, schools, art societies and museums since 2006.

Information about the Artist:

Manuel Schroeder (*1962) is working as photographer and artist in different fields of audiovisual and crossmedial projects. Inspired by appearances of the urban daily life in context of the urban architecture his creative research is transforming humanistic aspects into artwork and art concepts. Based on photography, his artwork is realized in different and developed ways of media, like straight photography, motion pictures, video art, projections in public spaces, printed media, (de)collage and paintings. Through exhibitions, art forums, public interventions, symposiums and lecturings, Manuel Schroeder is international cooperating with art associations and institutes, Museums, galleries, academies and schools.


To apply for participation in the workshop- till 1st June send your name, surname and contact information (e-mail, phone), and also indicate your age and educational institution electronically via e-mail:

The 3-day workshop in photography “Order as social form – Leftovers and Landmarks ” for art and photography students took place from June 3 till June 6, 2015.