The Rothko Centre reopens for visitors with five new exhibitions

From 16 November, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre reopens to the public with five new exhibition projects available in the “green regime”.

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre resumes receiving visitors in the so-called “green regime”, which means they will need to show a Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate and a valid ID.
While the Rothko Centre was closed to the public, its team has prepared five new projects for this year’s final exhibition season. Late autumn has brought substantial changes to the centre’s exhibition halls that now contain the following offer:
• British artist Michael Kidner (1917–2009), a pioneer of Optical Art in the 1960s, is represented with a vast collection of paintings “Love Is a Virus from Outer Space”;
• Ilze Lībiete (Latvia) is featured with a graphic retrospective “Road to the Sea”
• Jānis Kupčs (Latvia) reveals his latest output in the painting medium in “Cruel Romances”
• Daniel Fuchs (Germany) offers fabulous woodcarvings in his show “Creation”
• Elissa Marchal (France) explores the fundamental elements of painting and the material properties of colour in “The Space Between”.

The new season’s exhibitions are on show until 16 January 2022.