“THE LINES” at Liepaja concert hall “Great Amber”

Exhibition at Liepaja concert hall “Great Amber” (27.11.2021-28.01.2022)

The Lines project, featuring select pieces from the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre collection, can be seen as an inquiry into the definitions of line as a phenomenon and its artistic representations. The exhibition concept goes beyond seeing line as purely an element in the language of the visual arts, where it may appear straight, curved, broken, vertical, horizontal or intersecting. It is also interpreted as an artistic representation of ideas and values systems, suggesting spiritual dimensions, ties of kinship, fragile boundaries and parallels. Fundamentally, it is a game… An artist’s game with their material and technique that plays out across the fields of experience, emotion and skill. And a viewer’s game with every artwork that requires a degree of soul-searching but promises the reward of meaningful personal discoveries.
The exhibition features prominent Latvian and international artists represented at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre collection. Diverse in terms of mediums, the artworks selected for the show complement each other and promise its visitors a rich and rewarding artistic experience.

Featured artists: Inga Brūvere, Sigita Daugule, Romualds Gibovskis, Edvards Grūbe, Silva Linarte, Ilona Linarte-Ruža, Jānis Murovskis, Dace Pudāne, Ilze Volonte (Latvia), Romualdas Balinskas, Ričardas Garbačiauskas (Lithuania), Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke (UK), Stefan Dowsing (UK, Spain), José Heerkens (the Netherlands), Vibeke Glarbo (Denmark), Andrus Joonas (Estonia), Pamela Campagna (Italy), Katarzyna Kowalska (Poland), Isabel Mouttet (France).

The collection of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre has been developing from since the idea of the centre was first proposed. It is replenished every year with procurements, creative outputs of symposium participants and valued donations from artists and other partners, reaffirming existing and prospective cooperation commitments in different art projects. Currently, the collection is comprised of more than 2,000 artworks in various mediums. The Rothko Centre aspires not only to preserve this valuable assemblage but also to exhibit it regularly, both on its own premises and in other art and culture spaces in Latvia and beyond.

Publicity photo:
Isabel Mouttet. UNTITLED. 2007. Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 100 cm