Series of events in Daugavpils dedicated to Pēteris Martinsons

At the beginning of this year, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre traditionally organizes a series of events to commemorate Pēteris Martinsons on his birthday. On January 28, 2015, the exhibition “Pēteris Martinsons. Graphics” will be opened in cooperation with Latgale Central Library in the reading hall of the library at 13:00. Presentation of the publication “Life stories of the artists born in Latgale. Pēteris Martinsons” will take place at the Rothko Art Centre at 15:00.

In the exhibition “Pēteris Martinsons. Graphics” there will be seen graphic drawings of Pēteris Martinsons that were created in the time period from 1980 till 2009. Fine, even calligraphic drawings, made in graphic technique, were an integral part of weekdays and several ceramic exhibitions of the ceramist. The drawings which were different in formats were sometimes used as sketches, which developed later into ceramic works designed with admirable diligence and patience as separate, pretty framed works of art or as simple notes, flight of thoughts, and reflection of feeling on small note paper or on the text-free paper sheets. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with Latgale Central Library and will be seen in the reading hall of the library till February 19.

The published life story of ceramist Pēteris Martinsons is spontaneous, sometimes analytical, even philosophical, and sometimes funny story told by the artist about “occurrences and fortuities” or still regularities in his life. To clarify events and persons mentioned in the narration, the text of interview is supplemented by the comments prepared by editors Zane Melāne and Zanda Zībiņa, during the preparation process of which a number of less known facts came to light. The text is also supplemented by illustrations and other information from the private archives of relatives, friends, and colleagues of Pēteris Martinsons. The life story of Pēteris Martinsons is the first publication in the series “The life stories of the artists born in Latgale”, which is being developed by Daugavpils Rothko Art Centre. The publication has been produced by the support of the special-purpose programme “Latgale Culture Programme 2014 supported by Latvian State Forests” of the State Culture Capital Foundation and announced by the Latgale Region Development Agency.

Photo: Exhibition of Pēteris Martinsons’ ceramic and graphic works in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. Photograph – Laimonis Stīpnieks