Rothko Museum will display another two originals by Mark Rothko

At 4 p.m. on Friday, 26 April, the Rothko Museum will celebrate its 11th birthday by unveiling two previously unexhibited original artworks by the legendary artist Mark Rothko, which will join the six original paintings already on show. Also on the evening’s agenda is the official launch of the current season’s exhibition catalogues.

April has always been a festive month in the Rothko Museum calendar. Eleven years ago in April, the Daugavpils Fortress acquired a vibrant multifunctional hub for art and culture in the Rothko Museum (then called the Rothko Art Centre). This historic watershed moment for Daugavpils marked the start of the city’s impressive transformation into a strategic landmark on Latvia’s cultural map.

This month, the museum celebrates its 11th anniversary with an important addition to the current display of Mark Rothko’s originals, comprised of six stunning paintings on a three-year loan from the private collections of the artist’s children. From now on, the exhibit will include two more original artworks, which Mark Rothko’s daughter, Kate Rothko Prizel, donated to the museum’s collection during its 10th-anniversary celebration last spring. As of now, the two charcoal drawings from the artist’s earlier creative period are the only original Rothkos in any museum collection on Latvian soil.

The Rothko Museum’s 11th-anniversary event will conclude with the catalogue launch for three exciting exhibition projects on show in the current season: “Bastion,” by contemporary Latvian artist Frančeska Kirke; “When the Cannons are Silent” by 47 artists with personal and professional ties to the Latgale region; and “Let’s Die Together” by Roman Korovin, which earned him a nomination for the prestigious Purvītis Prize 2024.

During the event, the Rothko Museum’s permanent exhibition sector, with the collection display and original Rothkos, will be available free of charge.