Opening of the Rothko Center collection exhibition in Belarus

At 6 p.m. on February 13 the exhibition “Frontiers of shadow and light” from the collection of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center opens in the National Center for Contemporary Arts of the Republic of Belarus.

The exhibition “Frontiers of Shadow and Light” is a joint project by three Latvian artists. Ingūna Liepa, Guna Millersone and Elga Grīnvalde are distinct proponents of abstract expressionism, and all three are inspired by landscape. Each has her own way of seeing natural phenomena and processes and projecting them onto canvas, giving primacy to the very process of painting. Their expert skills of blending colour fields, layering lines and playing with shadow and light allow them to produce exceptional artwork.

The artists share a sense of belonging to Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. Ingūna Liepa is a regular participant in the juried exhibition of artists from Latgale region organised by the Rothko Centre and a constant presence in its artistic processes. Guna Millersone has participated in several artist symposia organised by the Art Centre and curated some of its exhibition projects. Elga Grīnvalde has been associated with the Rothko Centre since its inception. Her artwork was among the first gifts the city received from the painting plein air “Mark Rothko 2005”; in time, it became incorporated into the Rothko Centre’s painting collection as its proverbial gold reserve.

The exhibition in Minsk is on display until March 8, 2020.

Supporters: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, Daugavpils City Council, State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Belarus,  Basil Alkazzi Acquisition Fund.

Publicity photo: Elga Grīnvalde “The Boundaries of Shadow and Light”, oil on canvas, 100 x 120cm, 2019