New year – new exhibitions at Rothko Center

On Friday, 10th of February at 4.00 pm opening of six new art projects at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.

First exhibition season in 2017 at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center with set of six new exhibitions is a message to everyone of us of time border removing. Exhibition content encounter history and nowadays, ethnography and design, classical techniques and today’s content – varying diversity.

In February exhibition season will be seen Sigita Daugule and Jānis Liepiņš exhibition IN ONE ROOM, Liena Bondare, Vladislavs Grišins, Paula Liepa, Kate Seržāne, Māris Subačs un Dārta Stafecka GRAPHIC, Ieva Nagliņa solo exhibition DISCARDED, Signe Vanadziņa solo exhibition WHICH SEASON?, Daugavpils „Saules skola” anniversary exhibition FROM ETHNOGRAPHY TO DESIGN and french artist Patrick Peltier sculpture exhibition REBIRTH.

February exhibition season will be seen till 9th of April 2017.

More about exhibitions:
Sigita Daugule, Jānis Liepiņš. IN ONE ROOM

The story of two bright personalities in Latvian painting, who met in the same room with the exhibition format in Daugavpils. Sigita Daugule is one of the most recognizable contemporary painters in Latvia, who, with her “harsh and slightly rough” style of painting, depth and narrative has taken her place in Latvian and foreign space of art. She has held several solo exhibitions and participated in major exhibition projects in Latvia and abroad. A painter Jānis Liepiņš has been described by his contemporaries as an outstanding personality, a principled and fair person, honest in his painting. He created great pub and market scenes, depicting the daily life of peasants through tonally rich and expressive brushstrokes in landscapes and still life compositions.


 Exhibitions core – a conversation about the current design time ago and today, on the abilities and design education role of design in developing in the Country. The exhibition project at Rothko Center is a culmination of „Saules skola” exhibition cycle, which based on „Saules skola” diploma archive.

Liena Bondare, Vladislavs Grišins, Paulis Liepa, Kate Seržāne, Māris Subačs un Dārta Stafecka GRAPHIC

 Exhibition created as a subjectiv/objective curators selective today's Latvian contemporary graphic project, showing different working manner, tehnics and topicality of the message in the form of graphic language, a kind of continuation of the Latvian contemporary art exhibition series.

Signe Vanadziņa WHICH SEASON?

 Mood artist’s project, revealing the expression of colors and forms The theme of seasons is close to the artist and has been untwisted many times in several exhibitions. In those paintings, one can sense a variety of colours, shapes, images and silhouettes of people ever encountered. Which season in February, March, April?

Ieva Nagliņa DISCARDED

In her creative work was influenced by abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and Suprematism. She work in graphic and painting, using mainly mixed techniques and media. The “discarded” combines two, on the first sight, different ideas. From one point of view they encourage avoidance any attachment to things in order free ourselves from becoming their slaves, and on the contrary – to realize our own freedom. From another point of view, it is a call to look closely at people surrounding us, not to be too quick to write them off. Both situations open a space for new discoveries and new experiences.

Patrick Peltier REBIRTH

Patrick Peltier proposed solution is an interest only for the world - to feel it, to show it as that he sees it, reproduce it, spin-off all the excess, removing components that can hinder us to get to nature: to connect and contrast, mixing together the two obvious things - material and human. Patrick Peltier is an important matter and the human body, rather than confrontation. He praises the material internal secrecy and peace. Patrick Peltier gives us the opportunity to experience happiness have to manage not every artist.
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