III International Textile Art Symposium

This year, from 4 till 14 October in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre take place III International Textile Art Symposium.

International Textile Art Symposium this year in Daugavpils brings 9 participants from 7 countries of the world in order to take inspiration, to share experiences with modern textile variations and create unique works of textile art. The artists will create works from a wide variety of textile and fiber materials, starting with the traditional materials and ending with a variety of synthetic and natural materials.

The international symposium jury chose following artists: Jesse Harrold (USA), Grace Troxell (USA), Carlos Carvalho (Brazil), Neha Puri Dhir (India), Pamela Campagna (Italy), Digna Gordijenko (Latvia), Ruta Bogustova (Latvia), Samantha Fields (USA), Susan Avishai (Canada).

During the symposium at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre will provide also some public events. On Friday, October 5 at. 4:00 pm at Daugavpils Rothko Art Centre will be presentations in which textile artists will present themselves, their philosophy and creativity. But in the next Friday October 14 at. 4:00 pm will be exhibition opening, which will serve as a textile symposium closing event.