Found in the collection

Finest pieces from Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre in a permanent exhibition

The collection of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre has developed hand in hand with the idea about the symbolic homecoming of Mark Rothko, the world-renowned founder of abstract expressionism, to his birthplace in the shape of an art space that bears his name. In 2003, to celebrate the centenary of the artist’s birth, his children Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko donated to the city of Daugavpils forty retrospective museum-quality reproductions of Mark Rothko’s works. The gift became the bedrock for the centre’s emergent art collection and acquired a symbolic, almost sacred value.

In 2005, Daugavpils hosted the first international painting symposium “Mark Rothko”, which became a tradition and a solid foundation for continued growth of the collection. The symposium was conceived with the idea of its participants donating at least two of their new paintings to the future art space, which back then was still in the making. In 2013, when Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre was finally opened to the public, its collection already held over two hundred paintings from the symposium.

Today, the Rothko Centre celebrates its eighths birthday – eight years in art and exhibition work, in the organisation of symposia, plein airs, festivals and scores of other events; also – eight years of methodical assembly work with the collection – a material embodiment of the centre’s story as it evolved through time.

“Found in the Collection” is the latest epitome of this representative function. It will remain on show for the two coming years as a permanent exhibition – a physical and metaphorical diary of the centre across its eight years of existence. This visual journal is rich in stories about a dynamic symposium programme and scores of successful cooperation instances with art experts, gallerists, and exhibition makers to plan impressive exhibition projects and bring these plans to fruition. It echoes rewarding dialogues with renowned artists about their solo shows at the Rothko Centre. And it stands a testament to the highest form of appreciation an artist can give – the act of donating their art. With that, the exhibition also affirms our own appreciation of artmakers and their excellence, which we show by purchasing exceptional artworks. No piece is here by accident.

Mark Rothko Art Centre continues to develop its collection, working towards a premium selection of fine art with a steadfast commitment to balancing innovative creative drive and lasting artistic values, making first-rate specimens of professional art available to the public and becoming a visible presence on domestic and international grounds.

Exhibition participants:

Basil Alkazzi (UK, Monaco), Baņuta Ancāne (Latvia), Leonīds Baulins (Latvia), Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke (UK), Valdis Bušs (Latvia), Inta Celmiņa (Latvia), Valerijans Dadžāns (Latvia), Sigita Daugule (Latvia), Jennifer Durrant (UK), Wonkun Jun (South Korea, Germany), Marco Garaude Giannotti (Brazil), Gillian Ayres (UK), Şirin Koçak Özeskici (Turkey), Juris Gagainis (Latvia), Barbara Gaile (Latvia, France), Beatrice Gelmetti (Italy), Solomon Gershov (Latvia, Russia), Peter Griffin (UK), Edvards Grūbe (Latvia), Kristina Huxley (Ireland), Paul Huxley (UK), Karen Hansen (USA), Bent Holstein (Denmark), Vaidotas Janulis (Lithuania), Caro Jost (Germany), Lyle Carbajal (USA), Rusudan Khizanishvili (Georgia), Marie-Josée Comello (the Netherlands), Sergey Kryshtapovich (Belarus), Helga Kreuzritter (Germany), Izabella Krolle (Latvia), Gunārs Krollis (Latvia), Tadeusz Lapinski (Poland, USA), Silva Linarte (Latvia), Marietta Patricia Leis (USA), Erin Lawlor (UK), Nataļja Marinoha (Latvia), Pēteris Martinsons (Latvia), Aija Meistars (Latvia, USA), Anita Meldere (Latvia), Valda Mežbārde (Latvia), Guna Millersone (Latvia), Kornēlija Ozoliņa (Latvia), Eleonora Pastare (Latvia), Dace Pudāne (Latvia), Dainis Pundurs (Latvia), Marek Radke (Poland, Germany), Maruta Raude (Latvia), Juta Rindina (Latvia), Ģiedre Riškute (Lithuania), Ilona Linarte-Ruža (Latvia), Pēteris Sidars (Latvia), José Manuel Ciria (Spain, UK), Džemma Skulme (Latvia), Lars Strandh (Norway), Jacques Chapiro (Latvia, France), Silvija Šmidkena (Latvia), Akiko Taniguchi (Japan), Romas Viesulas (Lithuania, USA), Sigurds Vīdzirkste (Latvia, USA), Lilija Zeiļa (Latvia), Osvalds Zvejsalnieks (Latvia).