Autumn exhibition season opening

At the end of the week, 25th of September 16:00 pm at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center new autumn exhibition season opening with the motto „Dedication to Rothko” – celebrating artist Mark Rothko 113 birthday.

As fallen leaves cover the lawn in autumn, the exhibitions of Rothko center cover Latvian art space…The new autumn exhibition season permeates space and time phenomen on studies which refers in Jekaterina Ježkova portrayals and Martin Lafon Rothko artistic studies and symbolic stories of the compositions.

About Daugavpils as Rothko city speaks paintings of 12th International Symposium “Mark Rothko 2016” members, which through the prism of the women twist the view and it’s implementation in material, promoting Rothko name sustainability and unique once again meeting with outstanding artist in the time bar.

Solomon Gershov retrospective 110 anniversary exhibition are sharpened time and events, widely marking Gershov characteristic themes and mood of that time for today’s viewer.

Three artists Anatolijs Zelčs, Vjačeslavs Fomins, Anatolijs Šandurovs project Parallels talking about space set that unites and divides, and at the same time constitute a physical and philosophical perceptible parallels art and its visibility.

So different artists, but one goal – to put the audience to think, and how much it suits this autumn contemplative season!

At 25th of September Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center has once again invites all to participate in a special “White Pages campaign”, in which everyone who will bring up a new drawing album to the Rothko center will be able to visit all the art center exhibitions for free. The campaign will run throughout the all day from 11:00 am till 19:00 pm. Those who don’t participate in the campaign will have opurtunity to visit Center for special prices: temporary exhibitions (Sectors B, C, D of the total) for 1.50 EUR, the permanent exhibition “Mark Rothko. Art and life “(Sector A) for 3.00 euro.

Viewers will be able to enjoy New exhibition season till 6th of November.