X: Memory

Each person’s memory covers different stages, events, moments and life’s experiences. Some of them are pale and hazy, while others are deep in terms of impact and significance. All of them, either consciously or subconsciously, influence our perception of the world and our decisions. How much does memory affect our social status, our communication with the people around us and our perception of the environment? To what extent do each of us experience the effects of positive and negative thoughts?

Certainly, the concepts of memory and thought and their interpretations are inexhaustible. The X Project is an ongoing initiative, which is now experiencing its third iteration. This art event invites creators from different fields to work in pairs on a joint project, sharing different creative and technological experiences and ideas, and leaving space for interpretation of the theme.

It is a great challenge, but it gives invaluable experience to creators and unexpected, intriguing works for art lovers and the Lithuanian cultural heritage. The first X Project was primarily aimed at creators from Panevėžys to promote their artistic communion and represent the artists in the wider domestic and international context. Having gained creative momentum, the project continues to expand with every year – creators from other Lithuanian cities and, this year, from other countries join the initiative. Over 20 pairs of artists who work in different media (painting, glass, textile, photography, sculpture, etc.) create together, and, as shown by earlier X Projects, every viewer really finds something that speaks to them. Fostering the idea of the new art centre in Panevėžys, all works, just like in the previous two X Projects, are donated to the city to complete the art centre collection.

The 2018/19 project, “X: Memory”, is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Gallery A.

Albinas Vološkevičius, curator