Juried Exhibition of Artists from the Latgale Region

“When the cannons are heard, the muses are silent.” Way too often in the past couple of decades, people have had the reason to bring up this phrase. Way too often, muses have had to keep silent and step aside simply because there were more important things on the current worry list and agenda. Fortunately, today’s ideology has liberated art from having to serve the decorative needs of whatever regime happens to be in power. In our day and age, art takes an active social stance through open statements and comments, getting deeply engaged in the shaping of public opinion. And in societies that honour such artistic freedom, the mouths of cannons remain tightly shut. Cannons have taken their rightful place in museum courtyards, and the actual horrors of war stay firmly on screen. Nonetheless, the situation is fragile and needs protecting, so the Rothko Museum appeals to the world to keep creating and building a strong society armed with critical thinking, where following the muses’ call is no extravagant indulgence but a given.

With this open call, the Rothko Museum invited the artists associated with the Latgale Region to send in submissions to the annual group exhibition. This year, the show is titled “When the Cannons Are Silent”. A jury assessed 199 submissions and picked 47 artist works in different visual mediums for the museum display.

Featured artists:

Agra Ritiņa, Aigars Zemītis, Aija Bley, Aiva Žūriņa, Aivars Bulis, Aivis Pīzelis, Anastasija Dubovska, Anastasija Šeikina, Anna Silabrama, Arnis Zarinka, “Das Ist Dao” group of artists, Baiba Priedīte, Darja Smirnova, Edgars Vronskis, Eleonora Pastare, Gļebs Vronskis, Ilgvars Zalāns, Ilona Linarte-Ruža un Dace Pudāne, Ilze Griezāne, Ināra Petruseviča, Ingūna Levša, Irīna Špakova, Ivars Soikāns, Ivo Folkmanis, Jolanta Jonikāne, Jūlija Šilova, Jurijs Berdņikovs, Kristīne Lipkova, Kristīne Nicmane, Ksenija Šinkovska, Lienīte Slišāne, Lilija Zeiļa, Mairita Folkmane, Marina Krasovska, Marta Folkmane, Nataļja Krjukova, Nellija Muižniece, Oksana Vronska, Oļegs Marinoha, Sabina Caceres, Sandra Junele, Uldis Čamans, Una Gura, Vēsma Ušpele, Vija Stupāne, Viktorija Grappa, Viktorija Valujeva.

Curator: Aivars Baranovskis

Exhibition period: 1 March 2024 – 19 May 2024