UNTITLED. Latgale Art


For the fourth time, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre is hosting Latgale Art Exhibition bringing together artists of all media and art students from towns and communities throughout the entire region.

This year, the theme of the exhibition was determined by social affairs, the controversial and the understood, the important and the unimportant yet worth to speak about in the language of art – that is why the exhibition carries no title.

Untitled is an opportunity for each artist to talk about the above matters without verbalizing or textualizing them, and every viewer is free to improvise in their perceptions, although in some works this freedom is somewhat limited as each piece of art has its own title, leading to a certain dialogue between the author and the viewer.

Creation of new works or picking earlier ones from workrooms was free expression of each author’s will and idea targeted at making the exhibition as a striking display of works created by artists of the region.

More than 50 artists of Latgale were confirmed for participation in the exhibition, with their works showing what is topical and important for each of them and giving the viewer an idea of ​​what is happening in creative environment of Latgale artists. Undoubtedly, many great Latgale artists won’t be found in the exhibition and the exhibition’s catalogue as due to their own reasons they did not apply for participation in the exhibition. Therefore this Latgale Art Exhibition should be described as piecemeal scene of Latgale art.


Māris Čačka