The current exhibition titled “Overcoming” by S. Gershov is dedicated to the artist’s 110th anniversary. This is not the first exhibition of the master held in premises of the Rothko Centre. In the previous exhibition, we introduced our viewers with a variety of themes and genres prevailing in the works of the artist. Now we want to focus on the theme of a creator, who chooses his own way, despite the pressure of fate. Solomon Moiseevich Gershov had gone through a lot of losses and blows of fate, and yet the power of the spirit has helped him not to lose himself in the difficult years of exile and oblivion. “The higher the hand swings, the heavier is the blow” – this little piece from a sonnet by Michelangelo describes him the best. For this exhibition, we have collected portraits of artists, composers and ballet dancers: Shostakovich, Beethoven, Mozart, Filonov, Chagall and others. Not by chance we have also included his works from the series “Michelangelo”, as well as “scenic interpretations” from the series dedicated to Shostakovich’s symphony No 7 (titled Leningrad).

Solomon Moiseevich Gershov (1906 – 1989). A painter, a legend, one of the most interesting masters of Russian avant-garde. Born in Daugavpils (Dvinsk). Studied at art studios in Vitebsk mentored by Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, at A. Eberling’s studio at the Leningrad Art and Pedagogical Technical School (1921-1924). The first solo exhibition of Gershov took place in 1926. From 1927 through1928 he worked at the studio of Pavel Filonov. He painted landscapes, portraits, compositions inspired by Biblical subjects. Exhibitions of his works were held in Moscow, Vitebsk, Leningrad, Tbilisi, United State, London, Zurich, UNESCO exhibition hall in Paris, the House of Nations in Jerusalem. His works are exhibited in many museum in Russia and abroad.

Farida Zaletilo