Signe Vanadziņa Which season?

Just like bright, contrastive, intense strokes of the brush in larger and smaller fields brushwork of Signe Vanadziņa explodes on canvas. With the presence of some seemingly minor, yet optimistically challenging image, sometimes, just a stroke of colour in the composition, this lights up even a grey day.

The artist in her creative work is very diverse and different. She works on large-scale compositions, combines pieces in blocks and creates small miniature. The artist is close to still life and landscape, although her latest compositions become more and more simplified, as well as more abstract in form and content, retaining only the mood, which is often attributed to any of the seasons. The theme of seasons is close to the artist and has been untwisted many times in several exhibitions. In those paintings, one can sense a variety of colours, shapes, images and silhouettes of people ever encountered.

The name of Signe Vanadziņa emerged in art space of Latvia when she studied at the Art Academy of Latvia under the authority of Professor Indulis Zariņš. Her works were full of temperament, joy, love, richness and zeal. Works by Signe Vanadziņa were highly assessed by many Latvian and foreign curators and art historians who regarded the artist as a strong colourist and master of contrasts. Those of her works exhibited in Mark Rothko Art Centre are bright and emotionally filled, allowing us to enjoy effect of colour therapy in a hope of quicker arrival of spring, summer, autumn…

Since 1995, the artist has had more than 25 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in Latvia, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and elsewhere.

Māris Čačka