III International Textile Art Symposium

For the third time, Mark Rothko Art Centre has effected an international textile art symposium promoting development of this artistic genre in the region and allowing to meet and to work together representatives of both Latvian and foreign textile and fibre art.

This time, 9 textile artists from 7 countries were selected by the jury to participate in the international symposium: Jesse Harrold (USA), Grace Troxell (USA), Carlos Carvalho (Brazil), Neha Puri Dhir (India), Pamela Campagna (Italy), Digna Gordijenko (Latvia), Ruta Bogustova (Latvia), Samantha Fields (USA), Susan Avishai (Canada).

During the symposium, each of the authors created works, expressing their individual artistic style and uniqueness in textile art. The symposium was also the place for artists to learn from each other, by watching what others have developed and technologically tried in different materials and by experiencing the language of previously created works of textile and fibre art. It is a communication through the material in Daugavpils cultural space, through verbal and artistic creativity, through dialogues between artists and residents and guests of Daugavpils.

The exhibition was set up in a short period of time and allows every viewer to see things understandable for him or her. Maybe something will remain fully incomprehensible. The East and the West meet at the exhibition overlapping experiences of textile artists from Latvian or European space, as well as from North and South America. Traditionally after exhibitions, works created during symposia join the collection of textile art of Daugavpils Rothko Art Centre and later are exhibited in other places in Latvia and abroad.

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