Ieva Nagliņa Discarded

Refusing of, or as they say, casting away the excess, we get something more valuable and realize that we can move along in a better quality. On the other hand, the “ discarded ” – are people we consciously or unconsciously turn away from, throw them out of society, or consider them unfit to anything.

Do we get anything from that?


The “discarded” combines two, on the first sight, different ideas. From one point of view they encourage avoidance any attachment to things in order free ourselves from becoming their slaves, and on the contrary – to realize our own freedom. From another point of view, it is a call to look closely at people surrounding us, not to be too quick to write them off.

Both situations open a space for new discoveries and new experiences. I believe that an important prerequisite for human development is their ability to deny, as well as their ability to accept (or open) the value of a person or a thing.

My work was influenced by abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and Suprematism, I address Abstract Art. I work in graphic and painting, using mainly mixed techniques and media.

Ieva Nagliņa