Exhibition “Song of the Daugava River”


16.11.2013.- 20.01.2014.  DMRMC


“Song of the Daugava River” is an exhibition dedicated to 95th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. While creating the exhibition, artists were invited to participate with the textile and fiber art miniatures that are both dedicated to Latvian Destiny River Daugava, as well as inspired by it.

Creating the works, artists used a wide range of textile and fiber materials, beginning with traditional materials such as linen, wool, cotton and ending with a variety of synthetic and natural materials. The processing techniques of the materials have been applied in a various ways; there are woven and batik works, glued collages, basketry and other individual author’s techniques.

Miniature as a genre is quite challenging. It requires the skills to make a balanced combination of author’s artistic concept and the work dictated by technical skills. Moreover, in this case, the task is complicated by the power of the Daugava, which is both strong natural embodiment and the symbolic image of the Latvian nation deeply rooted in the collective consciousness.


Dace Vecozola, Zane Lūse, Sandra Dzilna, Jekaterina Apale, Aija Baumane, Anda Skadmane, Liene Ratnika, Līva Kaprāle, Ingrīda Ivane, Andra Kurzemniece, Rūta linīte, Jānis Bankovičs, Rita Gustiņa, Dina Baumane, Irisa Blumante, Ingrīda Sūna, Maija Purgaile, Ieva Krūmiņa, Baiba Rītere, Mārīte Leimane, Ruta Bogustova, Inese Čipote, Skaidrīte Leimane, Pēteris Sidars, Jeļena Koževņikova, Baiba Priedīte, Daiga Vasiļjeva, Kristīne Zemīte, Ilgvilda Knāviņa, Diāna Dimza –Dimme, Jolanta Gadzāne, Ilze Volonte, Karīna Korotkova.