“Colorful day and night, colorful seasons. Dreams and reality. Everything we are facing at every particular moment, especially those little things that we probably notice in a different way than  others, or sometimes do not notice at all, is sufficiently important for a flight of creative thought and idea.

The variability and the constancy of nature is a never-ending source of inspiration, it is the basic foundation for creative work or for flight of dreams. And if any of these dreams is going to be materialized, there appears an insurmountable wish of sharing it with others.”

Eleonora Pastare

By summing together the anniversaries of life and creative work, the year 2015 passes in a sign of “100” for the Daugavpils born artist Eleonora Pastare form Livani. Eleonara was born in 1954, in 1974 she graduated from Ceramic Department of Rezekne High School of Applied Arts and in 2007 she gained Master degree in Arts from Daugavpils University. Since 1977 Eleonora Pastare participates in exhibitions and various art projects in Latvia and abroad. She also has an extensive experience in education; more than twenty years of her creative work Eleonora “explores the world of ceramics” together with children.

Although Eleonora Pastare turned to porcelain in relatively recent times, after enthusiastic work with clay, chamotte and other ceramic materials, exactly porcelain is the material in which the artist creates works that show manifestation of the femininity and power of ceramic art. Meditative power and complete control of the material is required to deal with the most sophisticated ceramic material and create fragile, volatile and charming porcelain artworks.