11th International ceramic art symposium

This year, the symposium (and its inaugural exhibition) has brought together Shamai Sam Gibsh (Israel), Karin Putsch-Grassi (Italy), Ken Yutdanai Sripaiboon (Thailand), Ann Nurga (Estonia), Junghoon Yoon (South Korea), Adil Writer (India), Una Gura (Latvia), Lilija Zeiļa (Latvia), Ilona Abdulajeva (Latvia), Kristīne Nicmane (Latvia) and Nellija Dzalba (Latvia).

The project is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation through its Target Programme for Historical Latvian Lands. The symposium is produced with REACT-EU funding towards Europe’s post-pandemic recovery and supported by the Daugavpils City Council, Caparol and Devona.

Exhibition period: 21 June 2023 – 17 September 2023