Anita Nikulceva “Four Seasons”

Anita Nikulceva

“Four Seasons”


Anita Nikulceva has studied interior design at Riga College of Architecture and Design, has obtained bachelor’s degree in computer design and master’s degree in art at Daugavpils University. The artist regularly participates in exhibitions organized in Latvia and abroad. In her graphic works, using minimal means of expression, mainly color and form, Anita tries to depict the different levels of understanding things, processes and phenomena.

The cycle FOUR SEASONS includes twelve graphic works, each work representing one month of a year. They show how observing the continuous processes in nature man comprehends the secrets of nature. The source of inspiration for these works was Japanese haiku carrying a strong philosophical message, which also form the system of images of every work, as well as provide compositional and color solution.

Through emotions and atmosphere, through associations and images, the graphic works by the artist create the opportunity for evaluating the significance of every life’s moment. By means of the simplicity of forms, by three-line haiku and transitions in deep color tones, each work of art reflects the qualities characteristic of every month of a year as well as the peculiar atmosphere of it, and serves as an object of meditation, looking at which everyone can feel something hidden in the daily prose.