Aleksandra Šļahova “Transitions”

Aleksandra Šļahova


Artist and art teacher Aleksandra Šļahova (1948)  is a personality, who with her works, her attention, clarity and brightness speaks to everyone, inviting for conversation and common work. With strength and sensitivity nursed works that are created in watercolor, enclose decorative, stylized and zoomed nature subjects, form and phenomenon study. In watercolors dominate characteristic to Alexandra color purity, their contrast and harmony that are cherished scrupulously and successively from an idea to the result in material.  The author captures simple things in the nature and life in general, seeing and transforming the most valuable edges,  and reflects the perceived shape for our view in a special zoom. A number of works have been created in a stylistic mood, expressing her personal attitude and feelings, focusing on what is happening that can be felt in every part of the watercolor layers, forming the composition story.
Each work has special and imperceptible at first sight, the philosophy of work and its psychological character. Watercolors are bright, symbolic and at the same time laconic magnets that attract all of us and every individual, hearing, seeing the depth of work and uniqueness.