Marietta Patricia Leis


Air begins at our feet and lifts upwards as it swirls around the planet touching each of us with life.  AIR, an exhibition of paintings and photos, is intended make the beauty of air, whether dark or light, visible to our eyes. As we all breathe Earth’s air communally we are both the recipients and the guardians of the air that we share.

Marietta Patricia Leis is a multimedia artist living and working in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her work is widely exhibited nationally and internationally, and she has been awarded numerous grants and honors. Leis’ reductive art extends to photography, painting, drawing, prints, video and sculpture. She has an MA in psychology and received her MA/MFA in studio art from the University of New Mexico. Leis’ art is held in many public collections.

Traveling deeply informs Leis’ work, and she has received awards to 13 artist residencies globally. Leis wants her work to evoke a sensory, visceral response: “I think about our planet a lot, so my art is inspired by water, sky, forests, food, air—the intangibles, the vulnerable, the beautiful”.



by Marietta Patricia Leis


everywhere, everyplace

moving – quivering

indoors, outdoors

here, there


common denominator

necessary, essential

equalizes, unites



sharing, sharing


polluted, dirtied, grey

smoke blackened

murky, brown



trees cleanse

purifying our air



your exhale, my inhale

connected mutuality

affecting all


baby’s first, elder’s last

time marked

by breath


molecules interweaving

mine, yours

dependence dance



long poignant song note

deep dive, swimming

rhythm in

and out


newly mowed grass

fragrant spring morn

after a rain

smelling you


southern humidity

northern light

blown by a wind

feeling you


respect, gratitude

guardians take care

take care

caring of