Sander Raudsepp (Estonia)

In most belief systems, one’s expected inevitable end of life is believed to lead to a new form of existence. Be it paradise, reincarnation, absorption into almighty light, or becoming… whatever!

Your loved ones are crying their eyes out while you are rocking another dimension in your new reality. Admittedly, experiencing death – the one thing we all have in common – seems to be the end. But death is likely not final.

In his search for “the answers”, the artist has collected his thoughts on the certainty of death.

He offers a visual representation of his journey, from fearing the unknown to accepting that anything is possible.

He definitely doesn’t have any firm conclusions.

…Psychedelics probably haven’t helped reach any certainty either, but they have led the artist to believe anything can be true.

There is only one way to find out for sure – through death itself!

Sander is an Estonian artist mostly known for his intricately detailed ceramic sculptures. Each piece is like a still frame from a tale or a grinning character with its silly backstory.

He draws inspiration from inappropriate jokes, conspiracy theories, psychedelics, childhood misconceptions, life and death, religion and random shower thoughts.

Concept summary for each group

I Anticipating death can be scary, but remember to live your life in the meantime.

II Death isn’t final, so don’t get stuck in the everyday hustle.

III Alternative universes and realities. Life is only a dream. Interdimensional travels via psychedelics.

IV Your own alternative Jesus. The possibilities of lifeforms in the multiverse are infinite.

Exhibition period: 28 October 2022 – 19 February 2023