Discussion forum – press conference “MUNCH MEETS ROTHKO IN DAUGAVPILS”

On Friday, April 21 1:00 pm an international seminar – discussion forum of art experts and a press conference dedicated to the New Exhibition Season Opening and the one work exhibition of world – famous norwegian artist Edvard Munch will take place in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center Video Hall.

In April Daugavpils Marka Rothko Art Center along with the New Exhibition Season opening ceremony is celebrating its 4th birthday. This year Rothko Center have prepared a special gift for the visitors – for the first time in Latvian history of art the original work by world-famous norwegian artist Edvard Munch will be exhibited in Latvia. But also six new Art Projects, exibiting topical of region, Latvian and foreign art actualities will be opened in the rest of the Rothko Center exhibition halls.

Participants of the discussion:

  • Ligita Pudza (Adviser on Foreign Affair Issues at Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments);
  • Ivonne Geisler (Art restorer and Art Collection manager at Trondheim Art Museum)
  • Jan Arne (artist from Norway);
  • Erin Lawlor (artist from Britain, author of the exhibition „Onomatopoeia”);
  • Richard Denny (artist from Australia, author of the exhibition „The era of silence”);
  • Sanri (artist from Daugavpils, author of the exhibition „Communication is the key”);
  • Linda Zivere (artist from Denmark, author of the exhibition „In the silence”);
  • Silva Linarte (artist from Daugavpils; on of the author of works for Latgale region art competition exhibition „Forms of emptiness and silence”);
  • Albinas Voloskevicius (curator of the exhibition „X: critical border – Chernobyl 30”).


Discussions working languages – Latvian and English.

Moderators of discussion: Maris Cacka and Inga Gedzune.


Number of participants is limited. Pre-registration by e-mail inita.paegle@daugavpils.lv or by calling +371 26126743.


Formal opening of the New Exhibition Season at 4:00 pm.