Ceramics exhibitions from the three Baltic states in Rīga

At 4 p.m. on Monday 2 July, at Railway History Museum, 2a Uzvaras Boulevard, Rīga, the opening of three exhibitions of contemporary ceramics from the three Baltic states will mark the beginning of the 2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale, which is organised within the framework of the Latvian centenary programme.

Opening of the 2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale will have a Baltic flavour. It will start with the opening of two exhibitions from Lithuania and Latvia, conceived and brought to fruition in cooperation with the Ceramics Pavilion of Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery and Estonian Ceramists Association. The Lithuanian exhibition will showcase some of the works by Lithuanian artists from the collection of Panevėžys international ceramic symposia. Meanwhile, the Estonian exhibition will have been created as a tribute to Estonian centenary. Both exhibitions will be available at Latvian Railway History Museum until 26 July.

On the same day, at 6 p.m. on 2 July, the exhibition “Latvian Contemporary Ceramics” will be opened at Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel. The exhibition is offered within the framework of the Artist Playground by Pullman programme. It has pooled the work of 34 artists from all over Latvia. They are all professional artists of various generations, to whom ceramics is a calling; they all have chosen this sophisticated and, at the same time, fascinating artistic medium to shape the world of their innermost thoughts and feelings into tangible three-dimensional forms. The exhibition will be available at Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel until 6 August.

2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale is part of the celebratory programme of Latvian centenary. It is organised with a view to developing the ceramic discipline, promoting cooperation among the Baltic states and paying a tribute to Pēteris Martinsons, widely considered the father of Latvian contemporary ceramics.

About the biennale:


Supporters: Latvijai 100, Daugavpils City Council, State Cultural Capital Foundation, Estonian Cultural Capital Foundation, Lithuanian Cultural Capital Foundation, Latgale Regional Development Agency, state stock company “Latvian State Forests”, Israeli Embassy, “Sigulda Tower”, Turaida Museum Reserve, Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel, Lūznava manor, Valmiermuiža brewery, joint stock company Antalis”, Keramserviss, “Lode” Ltd., LMT.