A painting symposium in memory of Silva Linarte brings Latvian and international artists to the Rothko Centre

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre hosts the third international painting symposium “Silva Linarte”, conceived to commemorate the distinguished Latgale artist and long-term art educator Silva Veronika Linarte (1939–2018) and her creative legacy. This year, the symposium fortnight brings together artists from four countries.

The painting symposium in memory of Silva Linarte traces its roots to 2019, when Latvian and international artists were first invited to come together in a shared creative space to explore Linarte’s life story and legacy and paint in the unique atmosphere of Latgale and Daugavpils fortress. This year, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre teams up with Inspairum Association to host the international painting symposium “Silva Linarte” for the third time. Covering the fortnight between 20 August and 3 September, it is held to promote interest in Daugavpils as an artistically stimulating city and keep steering meaningful creative processes in the Latgale Region.

Linarte’s creative legacy resonates across space and time. Her energy keeps inspiring Latvian artists to this day. Blessed with incredible strength of character, she withstood all the hardships of her era and kept her dignity even in the most trying times, with unwavering perseverance and focus on uncompromising artistic excellence. These character traits earned Linarte broad national acclaim and became the underlying theme for the international painting symposium that bears her name. Conceived to commemorate the generation of artists who shaped the Latvian art scene, it creates a whirlwind of emotions and reflections that throw open mental doors and windows, encouraging new creative achievements and providing stimulating artistic experiences.

Over the symposium fortnight, painters from four countries will work in a shared creative space and engage through conversations and experience exchange in artist talks, lectures and workshops. The symposium will culminate with an exhibition to be available at the Rothko Centre from 4 p.m. on 3 September. After its conclusion, the symposium outputs will add to the Rothko Centre’s painting collection.

The 3rd international painting symposium “Silva Linarte” is organised within the Latgale Cultural Programme with support from the State Culture Capital Foundation, JSC Latvia’s State Forests, Association “Latgale Region Development Agency” and Daugavpils City Council.

Symposium participants:

Elga Grīnvalde (Latvia)

Eimutis Markūnas (Lithuania)

Petra Heitkötter (Germany)

Anna Szprynger (Poland)

Zigurds Poļikovs (Latvia)