A different Martinsons

To celebrate the 88th birthday of Pēteris Martinsons, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre suggests taking a different view on the artist through an exhibition aptly named “A Different Martinsons”. It features select artwork from the Rothko Centre collection that depicts Pēteris Martinsons as he appeared to every artist – different and unique.

Ceramic artist, educator and architect Pēteris Martinsons (1931-2013) had a highly charismatic persona. A true professional in the field of ceramics, a figure of authority among his many students and followers, a stage designer, actor, alpinist and nature lover, blessed with great wisdom, a broad knowledge of the world and unique suggestive powers. His active lifestyle and irresistible personality drew people like a magnet. Every moment spent with the artist was inspiring and left a huge impact, which was retained in lasting memories and tangible artistic outputs.

Pēteris Martinsons became the subject of artwork by all manner of creators, including Ilona Romule, Skuja Bradena, Uldis Briedis, Leonīds Tugaļevs, Laimonis Stīpnieks, Tālivaldis Gaumigs, Šandors Kečkemeti, Vladimirs Civins, Aleksandrs Guščins, Mihails Kopilkovs and V. Rižankovs.

The exhibition “A Different Martinsons” will be available at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre from 22 January until 31 March.