9th International Residence „Mark Rothko 2013”- artists from 9 countries


International Residences Mark Rothko take place every year, previously known as International Mark Rothko Plein Air.  This year the residence will happen for the 9th time, gathering  11 artists from 9 countries of the world :  Cindy Jane Mersky (Canada), Karen Hansen (USA), Manuel Schroeder and Wonkun Jun (Germany), Michel Gorski (Poland), Nataļja Zoloznaja (Belgium), Nidhi Agarwal (India), Rusudan Khizanishvili (Georgia), Takahiro Nishida (Japan), Rasa Jansone and Anna Grinčuka (Latvia).

28 artists had applied to participate in the residence, from which Rothko Art Council has chosen 11 lucky participants of this year. In the residence Daugavpils will be represented by young artist Anna Grinčuka.

International residence will take place from 6th till 25th September, 2013. Traditionally the residence will end on Mark Rothko’s birthday, which will be special this year.