Exhibition of the International Art Residence “Mark Rothko 2013” from the Rothko Centre painting collection will be displayed from 21st February till 23rd March, 2014 in Kuldīga Art House (1905 Street 6). Art works created during the art Residence are full of the artists’ emotional reflections and reveal subconscious images in both expressive abstract compositions, and graphically ornamental, constructive and figurative works.

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre collection consists of almost 800 units made in different artistic media (painting, graphics, ceramics, textile). Specific of the collection is determined by the process its formation. Almost all of the works were created in Daugavpils or donated to the city by local artists. Reflections on the need for the collection at a modern art centre are lessened by its original idea – to tell about Daugavpils in the language of art. This time it is done outside the boundaries of the Art Centre, providing access to the collection and increasing individual exposure to art.

Foto: Cindy Jane Mersky  ARSENĀLS /audekls, akrils/